All natural skincare

All natural skincare

Let’s talk about skincare today!

I don’t have acne prone skin, but when I get stressed or hormonal I tend to break out. So that’s why I was so happy to try out these products from Thursday Plantation. They are all natural and made from tea tree oil which is great for treating acne.

I do those 3 steps every night after I removed my makeup, and in the morning, I just use the toner and the face cream.



First up, we have the foaming face wash. Its very gentle and it smells like your at the spa!



The toner gets rid of all the impurities and oils left on your skin.



I love this face cream. Its very lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the face. To treat pimples, I apply the Medicated gel treatment on the breakouts at night.


There you go, three simple steps to beautiful skin! It really worked well for me and I try to incorporate as much natural products as I can in my everyday routine. Like I said I don’t have acne prone skin but it helped to treat the small breakouts that I had without being too harsh on my skin.


Hope you enjoyed, have a great week loves!

Mélissa, XO


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