New addition to our Winter skin routine

New addition to our Winter skin routine


Moisturizing our skin in the winter time is a must. For me most of the time, a good moisturizer isn’t enough so, i apply this “fruity serum” at night once every 2 or 3 days and it does wonders on my skin. Keeps it hydrated, does not clog my pores and my face is so soft the next morning!


This one literally smells like you’re at the spa. It’s the “Spa detox” soap bar, the clay and activated charcoal helps to detoxify your skin without ripping all of the moisture out of it.


These products are so gentle for the skin and all made from natural ingredients which is definitely  what i am looking for the gentile skin of my kids. The “beurre fouetté petite douceur” does a great job at hydrating their skin, and i love the oily feel it has when you apply it + it has a soothing lavender smell.



All the products are available here : Produits Artemis

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