3 ways to style your hoodie


Hey guys!

I wanted to make a ” ways to style ” post for while but instead of styling a trendy piece, we are going to style a basic hoodie! We all have one in our closet, and I’m going to show you today 3 totally different stylish ways I wear mine.

First up the classic hoodie and jeans combo.This is the casual but still fashionable way to wear it. Because my hoodie is quite fitted, I paired it with a nice pair of mom jeans.This super comfy boiled wool coat adds some texture to the look, the camo printed bag to add a little bit of color and added my favorite shiny patent sock boots to make the look a bit more put together.


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This second look is so cute! Mixing midi skirts with hoodies or chunky sweater is so on trend right now and I LOVE it! Can you just imagine how cozy you feel in this outfit! I really like the contrast between the softness of the skirt and the very casual look of the hoodie.Pair it with some nice white sneakers and your good to go!

*The exact skirt i am wearing is sold out, so i’ve linked some suggestions below.


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This one is my favorite!We are taking the hoodie to a whole new other level with this outfit.All black, simple but yet there are so many textures that it’s the opposite of boring. The PVC pants adds an edgy factor , I wore it with furry slides to soften up the vibes and this cap… well it makes every outfit better!


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There you go guys, 3 ways to style your hoodie. Hope you liked this post and that it inspired you!

Have a great week!

Mélissa, XO





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