Shein shopping experience



I confess, I’m addicted to online shopping! I’m always looking for new online store to find unique and trendy pieces.I heard of Shein a few months ago, Shein is a very popular Chinese website that sells trendy clothing and accessories.At first, was a little skeptical, but after watching many bloggers I love recommending this site, I decided to take the jump!I ordered three pieces: A coat, a bag and a pair of booties.


Prices: The prices are really good, same range as forever 21, it’s pretty fair for the quality you get.

Quality: I was not disappointed of the quality of the bag and the booties. The bag is really cute and well made, the booties are very comfy and the pearls on the heels look so good! The item that was kind of a bummer for me was the coat. The lining is so thin. I would not wear this in the middle of winter, but for 41$ it’s pretty good. The cut is great and I love the way it looks so I will definitely wear it on warmer days.

Shipping: Even though Shein is a Chinese website, it doesn’t take 2 month to receive your order. Mine took 1 week to arrive (I live in Canada)  BUT I had to pay custom taxes so keep that in mind when you order.

Will I order again?  Yes definitely. Even if everything was not perfect, I really fell in love with the booties and the bag and will order more accessories from this website. It’s really inexpensive and the styles on the site are really on trend. I would still buy jackets, sweater and I really want to try their jeans.





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