How to build an insta worthy wardrobe

It’s not a secret to anyone, I am addicted to instagram! I find this social platform so inspiring, it really helped me find my personal style and made me look at clothing very differently. If you follow me on instagram (If you don’t, WTF are you doing?) you know that I dont have a very strict matching feed. Maintaining ”the feed” was way to hard for me and really limited my creativity, but still everything is still coherent and that’s because I built my wardrobe around the aesthetic of pictures that I wanted.

I made you guys a list of the most photogenic pieces of clothing that I love to photograph for my instagram.

Jeans and a knitted jumper


If I had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life it definitely would be this, Mom jeans and a cozy knitted jumper. Even though its a pretty cozy look, when the color and textures are on point those outfits looks so gorgeous and effortless.They do really well on instagram because they are really relatable and super easy to recreate.


Vinyl and faux fur


You dont need a colorful outfit to stand out on a picture. See here how I am mixing all those textures, fake fur, leather, vinyl, and it really it what’s making this all black look so interesting and photogenic.



The right accessories can take your outfit from ”Bleh” to ”wow” and really add points of interest to your pictures, It catches the eye and adds so much. Imagine wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans but add a baker boy hat (like the one I’m wearing on the picture), a pair of sunglasses, a gorgeous chic bag with metallic details and a killer pair of botties and there you go!You’ll look like a fashion queen in no time!


So here are my little tips to build your insta wardrobe! Dare to be different and express your personal style as you wish. Life is too short to care about what other people think about you.


With lots of love



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