Valentine’s Day gift guide

Brace yourself, Valentine’s day is coming! I’m one of the annoying people that actually LOVE this holiday. So I prepared I little gift guide and some suggestions to give little hints to your lover or if you need some inspo to treat yourself!


Jewelry is such a thoughtful gift. it’s something that you wear every day and every time you put it on, you think of the person that gave it to you.

Beauty products/Fragrances

I think fragrances and beauty products are such romantic yet classic gifts. It’s a little luxury that you wouldn’t buy for yourself everyday and it’s a gift that says ”Take care of yourself honey, you deserve it!”


Lingerie can makes us feel so sexy and confident, and I think it’s a very thoughtful gift.But don’t go too overboard with the hearts… I mean you’ll want her to wear it all year long!




Flowers are always a good idea! You can go with a simple beautiful bouquet of roses or you can go all in with a gorgeous eternal roses box.


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