My favorite photo editing apps

Ok babes, today we’re going to talk about photo editing. Basically my favorite apps to edit my instagram and blog pictures. Editing is one of my favorite aspects of my job it’s so fun! I love to play around and try new modifications to bring my pictures to life and create a vibe.

This is not going to be a step by step editing guide because I really think that you have to play around with your photos and create a style that is unique to yourself. But what I will share with you guys today are my top editing apps that I use (almost) all the time.

So the first app I use is Lightroom. I use it to ajust the brightness, shadows, color tones and crop my pictures. Basically all the picture correction tools.

After Lightroom, I import the picture into Facetune. I mostly use the whitening tool to whiten anything around me that is not white enough and also to whiten my teeth( we all do it, don’t lie).Then, I go in with the detail tool to sharpen some part of my outfit that I want to be more detailed.

maxresdefaultAnd then, if I think my picture is just missing a little ”je ne sais quoi” I would go in VSCO and add a filter on top of my editing.What I love about this app is the fact that you can just the intensity of the filter so it still looks natural.

1200x630bbThis one, I dont use it all the time.It’s Afterlight. This is what I use to add the dusty effect to my pictures.


The best tip I can give to you is to play around with your editing and don’t be afraid to be unique and to create your own style.Think about what vibe you want people to feel when they look at your pictures and bring it to life.

Hope this was helpful for you guys!

With lots of love,



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