Rediscovering Bopied


Hey loves, today we’re going to talk about my favorite thing in the world…shoes! I recently rediscovered the store Bopied. I’ve known that store for ever but never really took the time to look around it that much because I always thought it was an ”old lady” shoe store to be honest. Well I have been invited to one of their event and oh boy was I surprised to see all those gorgeous shoes that I never knew I would find in there.

2018-05-22 08.31.28 1.jpgThe pair that I am wearing were my absolute favorites!They remind me so much of the Gucci Jordaan loafers and oh god they are soooooooo comfy! They are 100% real leather, except for the sole, but that’s a plus because a leather sole is so freaking slippery I would be falling everywhere. And they are so souple so you don’t need that much breaking in for them to be comfortable.


2018-05-21 08-1.24.02 1.jpg

Here are some of my favorites styles available on their website:

(click the image to shop)

2018-05-21 08.33.44 1.jpg


2018-05-22 08.31.19 1.jpg

With lot’s of love,



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