Spring skin/pampering essentials


Hi there! With every season I like to switch up a bit my skincare routine. I’m very passionate about my skincare products because great healthy skin is so important. No matter how good is your makeup the skin underneath always makes all the difference, and looking great without makeup is priceless. So today, I’ll share with you my favorite skin care products and two of my pampering essentials for a cozy evening and a great beauty rest.


For the skin:

Day cream: Elizabeth Arden Visible difference  refining moisture cream

I apply this day cream every morning. It’s very hydrating, it soaks in the skin quickly and keeps my skin hydrated all day. You can also use it as a night cream.

Night cream: This works no wrinkles midnight moisture

Every night I apply this nigh cream before sleep to wake up with fresh, hydrated skin. It’s all natural and very nourishing and helps with wrinkles and fine lines.

Serum: Kiehl’s powerful strength line reducing concentrate

I apply this serum before my night cream every night. It does a great job at tightening my skin and evening out my complexion.

Eye cream: Valmont L’Elexir des glaciers vos yeux

Ok I know this is a MAJOR luxury product, but I’m sooooooo in love with it! It does wonders for my puffy eyes and my super dark dark circles. I had the chance to be at a special Valmont event and never thought I would fall in love with those products that much!

For the mind:

This works deep sleep pillow spray

I really believe in aroma therapy. Falling asleep is a very hard thing for a seriously anxious gal like me so, I need a little help. I spray this pillow spray, well, on my pillow (duh!) every night before going to sleep and the lavender,chamomile, and vetiver blend is just so relaxing.

Thursday plantation Lavender essential oil

And of course, I add a little more essential oil to my routine why not! I put a couple of drops of this lavender oil in my diffuser and voila! A good night sleep awaits.


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