How to shop like a pro.

Where do i begin to tell you how much i love shopping? probably too much to be honest! Since i had my kids, i had to re-build a stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank, which can be a challenge if , like your girl here, you ain’t no millionaire !

I came up with some shopping tricks that will make building your wardrobe way less stressful and way less damaging for your wallet without compromising on style.

 IMG_1241-2#1 make a list

You do it for your groceries right ? why wouldn’t you when your shopping for clothes ?Making a list makes sure that you will not spend on impulse purchases. Every month, i make a list of the pieces that i want to add to my wardrobe. Pieces that i wanted for 4 full weeks so i know it’s definitely not an impulse buy.

#2 Does it already match 3 things in your wardrobe?

This is a life saver for me. Everytime i try something on, i ask myself if it already matches  pieces of my current wardrobe. If i can make 3 outfits with what i already own its a winner. Theres is no point to buy a piece that will just make you spend more.


#3 Don’t get caught in the “sale” trap

We all get exited when we se a “sale” sign but is it really worth it ? Every time i browse the sale section at a store i try to be extra cautious. Look at the article before the price tag, ask yourself  “would i still like it if it was full price?” . We often get caught up with low prices but is it really worth it if it ends up just sitting in your closet? It’s still a waste of money.


#4 Know your buying patterns and break them

We all have fashion weaknesses. A comfort zone that we always go to when shopping. For me it’s jeans. for me they are so easy to buy but do i really need 15 pairs ? Uhhhhh NO!Sure they all look different but … they are still jeans!When you have a limited budget, you have to spend it wisely. Diversity is the key to a great wardrobe. It keeps it interesting and easier to remix the pieces you already own.


#5 Quality over quantity… ALWAYS!

I can’t stress this enough. Invest in quality pieces! I swear it’s worth it. For example, i’m totally in love with the slip on shoes trend. This kind of shoe goes with everything and are so comfy, so its worth the investment. Of course i can’t afford the Gucci ones but buying a cheap plastic pair would have ruin the effect.Mixing great quality pieces with cheaper ones really can make your outfit look so much better.

Hope these tips are going to helps you!

Have a lovely week.

Melissa xo


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