Being productive at home.

Working from home sounds like a dream right? I have to admit, i love it,but it can get pretty hard sometimes.The fact that your home becomes your workspace can make it feel like you are never actually leaving work. All the distractions around you can make you procrastinate and the lack of a social life can affect the way you feel or your motivation. Today i will share some of my tips to enjoy even more working from the comfort of your nest.

Your agenda is your best friend.

First tings first let’s start with the basic of organization. An agenda! Mine is a weekly agenda from W.Maxwell. I like weekly agendas because i always plan my whole week in advance and plus, i’ts super cute! From writing a Blog post to vacuuming my appartement, i write every single one of the things i have to do and put a time limit to get them done. That way, my day is very structured and i actually end up with more free time everyday. Try it, you’ll see.


Work space.

All tough it’s very tempting to work from your comfy, fluffy bed, DON’T! Establish a work space that will actually put you in a work state of mind. It will be easier for you to  focus and to deconnect from your work when everything is done.


 Get dressed

What i think is the most important thing is that you get ready in the morning. Put on some makeup, do your hair, put an actual outfit on, don’t stay in your pyjamas all day. Remember it’s all about creating a work vibe in your home. You wouldn’t go to the office in your boyfriend’s t-shirt and joggers right ? If you look good, you’ll feel good.

You need breaks.

It’s very important to allow yourself some breaks, give yourself an hour to eat lunch. When you finish a task,reward yourself with a nice cup of coffee.Your brain still needs a little time off and it’s crucial for your creative flow.


 so these are my tips to make working from home easier.

Share with us what are yours!

wishing you lovelies a great week

Melissa XO









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