Why i started my blog


Hi loves!

Today i wanted to simply have a little chat, tell you the story behind my blog. Show you that it’s more than just me posting pictures of my outfits on the internet.

I have followed fashion bloggers since i was 16.  My favorite was Jane from Sea of shoes.I always admire her unique style and the quality of her photos were just amazing. Her blog spoke to me and inspired me so much.

At that time (2008)  blogging was not really a thing where i lived, but i gave it a shot, just for fun. I remember going to Montréal with my boyfriend, wearing my favorite outfit and asking him to take pictures of me with my crappy little digital camera. That’s when i created Studs and stilettos. I posted for a while but eventually decided to put this project on hold.


At the end of winter in 2016, i started to put more effort into my Instagram and started posting daily, tried to get more creative with my pictures and to have a cohesive feed.My following grew and made me realize that i was probably doing something right.

Fast foward to February this year. I made a decision, I started my own fashion and lifestyle blog. Yep, the one you are reading right now. Dusty rose blog is so much more than just a website, it really is a piece of me that i want to share with you guys.

Most people think that having a blog or a “professional” Instagram account is just taking a couple of pictures, slapping a filter on them, post them and voila! Chill at home for the rest of the day. Well my sweet summer child, it’s far from being that “Chill”. I put lot of “blood, sweat and tears” into my work. When my kids are napping, I plan my outfits for the photoshoots, respond to e-mail,manage my social accounts, create my inspiration board for every look and plan  posts, in the evening i write my blog posts, edit my pictures and on week-ends i shoot all my outfits with my boyfriend.It’s a 22Hrs a day / 7 days a week job.

03072017-DSC07935But really, i’m not complaining, I am turning my passion into my job and not many people have the luxury of doing what they are truly passionate about.

Sharing all this with you guys makes me so happy and thinking that i could inspire people like i was inspired by my favorite bloggers is the best feeling ever.Thank you so much for supporting me.

Have a great week-end loves!

Mélissa XO


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