January vision board

2018 here we are! I’m entering this year so inspired and with a brain full of projects. I will make this year one of the best year of my life.I will be the person that I always wanted to be, I will be more spontaneous and daring. I will try new things that I have always been scared of (Not like bungee jumping tho!) I won’t try to fit in the mold anymore, I will break the mold and let my true self shine trough. I want to slow down a little and appreciate all the beauty around me, let myself be inspired by all the smallest things that life puts across my path. Let myself be different from anybody else and embrace my individuality. I don’t want to put limits on my life anymore, take each days as a gift and make the most of it. No eating healthy bullshit (I’m still going to enjoy my BigMacs more than ever!) or getting fit AF this year, only real goals that speaks to my heart.

What are yours?


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With lots of love.



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